Java Config with Spring MVC

Spring MVC Java Config settings

I will describe the basic WEB application setting method of Spring MVC as a memorandum. With this setting, I think you can create an app like Hello World.

I myself have experience in creating apps for Spring Boot during in-house training. I didn't create an app by setting it from scratch with Spring MVC, so I created it. This was a very good opportunity, as most of my work was done with things that were already set up and working.

By the way, xml-based setting is possible, but this time we will set it based on Java. First, I will introduce some examples of the basic setting classes.


public class WebAppInitializer extends AbstractAnnotationConfigDispatcherServletInitializer {

    protected String[] getServletMappings() {
        return new String[]{"/"};

    protected Class<?>[] getRootConfigClasses() {
        return new Class<?>[] {ApplicationConfig.class};

    protected Class<?>[] getServletConfigClasses() {
        return null;

	protected FrameworkServlet createDispatcherServlet(WebApplicationContext servletAppContext) {
		return new DispatcherServlet(servletAppContext);


The setting class (ApplicationConfig) to be created later and the raw DispatcherServlet are registered. If you have added your own implementation, you can set it by changing this setting.


@EnableAspectJAutoProxy(proxyTargetClass = true)
@ComponentScan(basePackageClasses = Application.class)
class ApplicationConfig {

	public static PropertySourcesPlaceholderConfigurer propertySourcesPlaceholderConfigurer() {
		return new PropertySourcesPlaceholderConfigurer();

It mainly sets the application interface that is the target of component scanning. Create Application.class set in the basePackageClasses attribute as an interface in the package to be scanned. Also, @EnableAspectJAutoProxy is required to use AspectJ.


class WebMvcConfig extends WebMvcConfigurationSupport {

	private static final String CHARACTER_ENCODING = "UTF-8";

	private static final String VIEW_LOCATION = "/WEB-INF/view/";

	private static final String[] PROPERTIES_LIST = { "classpath:/MessageResources" };

	@Bean(name = "messageSource")
	public MessageSource messageSource() {
		ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource messageSource = new ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource();
		return messageSource;

	@Bean(name = "messageResources")
	public MessageResources messageResources() {
		return new MessageResources();

	protected void configureViewResolvers(ViewResolverRegistry registry) {


Here, the message resource and ViewResolver are mainly set. Change the setting value as appropriate.

If you are using jsp, there is no problem with the above setting format, but if you use a template engine such as Thymeleaf, you need to change the setting. File upload related (Multipart Resolver) and tiles settings are also possible here, but this time it is not a mast so I will omit it. (Let's write in separate article)

This is the main setting on the Java side. After that, I will write web.xml as much as I feel.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<web-app xmlns:xsi=""



It's simple just by setting the error page. I think that you can add filter and listener settings, taglib customizing, etc. here as needed. (The filter / listener can also be set in Java Config)

With the above settings, Hello World can be created by implementing a simple Controller and jsp.

Hello World!!.png

I'm happy. I hope it will be helpful when creating apps with Spring MVC.

That's it.

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