[RxSwift] I want to deepen my understanding by following the definition of Observable


When I was studying RxSwift and looking at the definition of the Observable class, the protocol was too complicated (for me) and confused. So, I would like to summarize the definition while studying the Observable class and the protocol.

Observable class

public class Observable<Element> : ObservableType {abridgement}

The following describes ObservableType and ObservableConvertibleType.


public protocol ObservableType: ObservableConvertibleType {abridgement}

A protocol that conforms to Observable. What is defined is ...

  1. subscribe (method)

subscribe is defined within the ObservableType protocol asObservable is defined by the ObservableConvertibleType protocol.

Is it like this ↓ Blank-Template-Wallpaper.jpg


public func subscribe<Observer: ObserverType>(_ observer: Observer) -> Disposable where Observer.Element == Element 

** Arguments **: Element, which is the associated type of the ObserverType protocol, and Element, which is the associated type of the ObservableConvertibleType protocol, are equal. ** Return value **: Value based on the Disposable protocol

observable.subscribe(onNext: {

When actually using it, use it for a value that has Observable. Print ($ 0) is executed when an event is sent by onNext.

Besides onNext, there are onError and onCompleted.


public func asObservable() -> Observable<Element> {
        return Observable.create { o in
            return self.subscribe(o)

** Arguments **: None ** Return value **: Returns a Observable with any type Element

I want to monitor it, but it's not Observable. At that time, if you use this method, you can treat it as Observable. However, it can only be used for ObservableType.


public protocol ObserverType {
    associatedtype Element

    @available(*, deprecated, renamed: "Element")
    typealias E = Element

    func on(_ event: Event<Element>)
extension ObserverType {
    public func onNext(_ element: Element) {
    public func onCompleted() {
    public func onError(_ error: Swift.Error) {

Before we talk about the new ObserverType in the subscribe type, let's take a quick look at Event.

public enum Event<Element> {
    case next(Element)
    case error(Swift.Error)
    case completed

Looking at the definition, it looks like this,

func on(_ event: Event<Element>)

When you actually use this method, you can use either one as follows.



public protocol ObservableConvertibleType {
    associatedtype Element

    @available(*, deprecated, renamed: "Element")
    typealias E = Element

    func asObservable() -> Observable<Element>

Let's take a look at the ObservableConvertibleType protocol inherited by the ObservableType protocol, which is compliant with the Observable class (confusing ...)

    func asObservable() -> Observable<Element>

About this method See asObservable in ObservableType.

I'm glad that this protocol isn't difficult.

At the end

I wrote a lot to organize my thoughts, so it may not be easy to understand, but I personally think that I have deepened my understanding. After all, I thought it was important to jump to the definition and follow the code (although there is resistance in the brain).

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