How to use \ t Escape sequences different for mac and Windows-java

** When used in a string **


		System.out.println("delicious\t mandarin orange");

Console: Delicious oranges

** When using variables **


		String sample1 = "normal";
		String sample2 = "Strawberry";
		System.out.println(sample1 + "\t" + sample2);

Console: Normal strawberry



		System.out.println(sample1 + "\t" + sample2);
		System.out.println(sample1 + "¥t" + sample2);

Both \ and \ can be used



		System.out.println(sample1 + "\t" + sample2);
		System.out.println(sample1 + "¥t" + sample2); //Backslash and backslash are distinguished on mac

console: Ordinary strawberry Ordinary ¥ t strawberry

** Escape sequence (partial) **

Escape sequence Meaning of symbols Center align
¥" Double quotation
¥' Single quote
column new line
will ¥(Circle)mark will
be be be
left right center
aligned aligned aligned

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How to use \ t Escape sequences different for mac and Windows-java
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