[RUBY] [Rails] Implement User search function


While creating a bulletin board site in a Rails project, I had the opportunity to implement a User search feature. I will leave the procedure here as a memorandum.

Add routing

Edit config / routes.rb so that GET / users / search is routed to the search action of the Users controller.


resources :users do
  get :search, on: :collection

Edit users controller

Create a search action. Since the search string is input to the search_keyword field, get it with params [: search_keyword].


def search
    if params[:search_keyword].present?
      @users = User.where('name LIKE ?', "%#{params[:search_keyword]}%")
      @users = User.none

Add view

Create app / views / users / search.html.erb.


<h1>User search</h1>
<%= form_tag search_users_path, method: :get do %>
  <%= text_field_tag :search_keyword %>
  <%= submit_tag "Search", username: :nil, class: "button is-info" %>
<% end %>
<%= render 'users/users', users: @users %>

I already created app / views / users / _users.html.erb that contains User information, so I called it with render.


スクリーンショット 2020-09-19 10.44.17.png

When you search, it looks like this. スクリーンショット 2020-09-19 10.56.58.png

You have successfully implemented the User search function in your Rails project. Thank you very much.

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