[JAVA] How to install JMeter for Mac

Installing and updating JMeter on Mac-Living as a blockchain engineer

As mentioned in the article, it is easy and good to install with Homebrew.

    $ brew install jmeter
    $ jmeter

If you haven't installed the JDK yet

There is an article that it does not work unless it is Java 8 (Put JMeter on Mac --Qiita), but since it worked on Java 12, it seems that there is no problem with the latest Java (As of April 11, 2019).

Install via homebrew-cask

Recommended because you can switch between multiple versions of Java by rewriting the configuration file.

Using multiple versions of Java with Brew on Mac-Qiita What is homebrew-cask? ?? ?? --Qiita

Install with installer

Java SE - Downloads | Oracle Technology Network | Oracle

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