Install Ubuntu Core 18 on Raspberry Pi 2 Model B


Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

Installation procedure

For the basic procedure, I referred to the following site.

① Create an Ubuntu one account

Create an account with Ubuntu one.

Why create an account? At the time of the first startup setup, access the account created here and do something like activation. Also, the user name set in the account will be the Ubuntu Core user name. It seems to be created because of the mechanism.

Import the SSH key into your Ubuntu SSO account

Import the SSH key ...


Will create id_rsa and in the specified folder. Details were written here. How to use the ssh-keygen command Paste the contents of to the SSH key on the account page and register.

② Download Ubuntu Core

Download Ubuntu Core 18 Image for Raspberry Pi

I used "ubuntu-core-18-armhf + raspi.img.xz".

③ Write to microSD card

Follow the instructions on the installation media, copy the Ubuntu image to the microSD card

④ Install Ubuntu Core

Insert the microSD card into the Raspberry pi

⑤ Perform the initial startup setup

You will be prompted to "Press enter to configure".

Press Enter to proceed. Set up the network. Enter the email address of your Ubuntu one account.

Information for accessing Ubuntu Core is displayed

⑥ Log in

SSH into Ubuntu Core from a machine on the same network
ssh <Ubuntu SSO user name>@<device IP address>

You can log in by typing the above information displayed on the screen.


I've only noticed this far, but Ubuntu Core doesn't even have a command line. .. .. To be honest, I was surprised because I expected that only the command line would appear when I started it up, like an old computer that was super lightweight. I'm going to touch on what I can do with this.

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