[JAVA] How to make a hinadan for a Spring Boot project using SPRING INITIALIZR


I had the opportunity to create a simple web project, and until now I had created the project from scratch myself, but with all my might ** SPRING INITIALIZR **, the chick of Spring Boot There is a web service that creates a shape project, so I tried using it after studying.


As mentioned above, just select the build tool (Maven / Gradle), language (Java / Groovy / Kotlin), and Spring Boot version to be used on the Web, and you will be able to create a project. It is a god service that is perfect for Spring Boot users to create it.

I tried using it


This time

I made a hina platform.


Go to ** here **, select the architecture you like, and press the ** Generate Project button ** at the bottom.

screencapture- 2017-11-15 14.53.34.png

The zip file ** download ** will be completed in a few seconds.


Extract the downloaded zip file to any directory and enter it.

screencapture- 2017-11-15 15.08.11.png

The extracted file contains ** gradlew ** and ** gradlew.bat **, so execute the command.



After a short wait, the build will ** complete **.

screencapture- 2017-11-15 14.40.37.png


The following command will ** start ** the app.


./gradlew bootrun
screencapture- 2017-11-15 14.55.21.png


When you access http: // localhost: 8080 /, the following ** error screen ** is displayed.

screencapture- 2017-11-15 15.11.02.png

At the end

It took less than ** 5 minutes ** from ** download ** to ** tomcat startup confirmation ** of the zip file.

** Shugoi **

It's just one word.

You can create a project without any knowledge, so it is recommended for those who are new to Spring Boot.

After that, it is possible to ** implement a web application ** by ** fleshing out this project more and more **.

Everyone, please ** use ** in case of ** new project ** ♪

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