[RUBY] Add a search function in Rails.


The ability to search for data within an application is useful for users when searching for data. Since the search function is a common function in SNS etc., let's actually implement the search function. If there is a table called user, implement the function to search for user.

1. Routing settings

It is assumed that UserModel and UsersController that handle user have been created.


  resources :users do
    get "search", on: :collection

The search action adds on :: collection to represent a collection of resources.

2. Add class method search to model


class User < ApplicationRecord
  class << self
    def search(query)
      rel = order("id")
      if query.present?
        rel = rel.where("Column name LIKE?, "%#{query}%")

You can define class methods with class << self ~ end. Define the local variable rel, and if the search word is not empty, use SQL LIKE to narrow down the target record from the corresponding column.

3. Add search action to controller


def search
  @users = User.search(params[:q])
  render "index"

The class method search defined in the User model is used here.

4. Fill out the form in view


<%= form_tag :search_users, method: :get, class: "search" do %>
  <%= text_field_tag "q", params[:q] %>
  <%= submit_tag "Search" %>
<% end %>

form_tag creates a form with a path as an argument. Since the default method is POST, we are specifying the get method. A form is created with text_field_tag, and params [: q] is specified as the second argument so that the search word "q" remains in the form even after the search.


Now you can implement the search function. There was also a part dealing with SQL, so I would like to take this opportunity to study.

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