[JAVA] Try running an app made with Quarkus on Heroku


You use Heroku to run web applications for free and easily, right? However, if you use it for free, if you leave the application for more than 30 minutes (no request), the server will go to sleep.

If you access the application after sleep, it will take some time for the response to come back. So, in order to shorten the startup time, I tried using GraalVM, which has been attracting attention recently, and Quarkus, which can run Java web applications on GraalVM.

This time I would like to compare how to run Quarkus on Heroku and the startup time with Spring Boot.


--Has a Heroku account

Preparing the Quarkus application

Creating an application

Please refer to the following article to create the application.

I tried the Java framework "Quarkus"

Docker file creation

This time we'll use Heroku's container registry for the Docker registry.

Create the following file.


FROM registry.fedoraproject.org/fedora-minimal
WORKDIR /work/
COPY *-runner /work/application
RUN chmod 775 /work
CMD ["./application", "-Dquarkus.http.host=", "-Dquarkus.http.port=${PORT}"]

-Dquarkus.http.port=${PORT}Is required to boot on the port specified on Heroku. It cannot be started without this.

 By the way, you can change the launch port of the Quarkus app by changing the $ {PORT} part.

## Log in to the Heroku container

heroku container:login

Create an application on Heroku

heroku create <Application name>

After that, please go with the project root.

Push to Docker registry

heroku container:push -R -a <Application name>

Start Docker

heroku container:release web -a <Application name>

Operation check

curl https://<Application name>.herokuapp.com/hello

Confirm that hello is output.

Preparing the Spring Boot application

Creating an application


public class DemoApplication {

	public static void main(String[] args) {
		SpringApplication.run(DemoApplication.class, args);

	public String home() {
		return "hello";

Creating a Docker file


FROM openjdk:8-jdk-alpine
COPY target/app.jar app.jar
CMD ["java","-jar","app.jar","--server.port=${PORT}"]

** The following steps are the same as Quarkus, so they are omitted. ** **

Measure the wakeup time after sleep

Wait for the heroku server to look like this: スクリーンショット_2019-04-10_12_35_14.png

Execute the following command to measure.

Quarkus application measurement

curl https://<Quarkus application name>.herokuapp.com/hello -o /dev/null -w  "%{time_starttransfer}\n" -s

Spring Boot application measurement

curl https://<Spring Boot application name>.herokuapp.com/hello -o /dev/null -w  "%{time_starttransfer}\n" -s

** Quarkus now boots in half the time of Spring Boot **

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