[RUBY] Use [Rails] devise Guest user function (for portfolio)

at first

Guest user login function that is said to be essential for portfolio websites. Introducing the guest login function using devise. As a premise

The introduction of devise has been completed The following is a reference article. ・ Htps: // Quiita. This m / Shinyakato / Te ms / A 098 A 741 A 142616 A 753

Implementation of guest login function


#Add the following
 devise_for :users, :controllers => {
    registrations: 'users/registrations',
    sessions: 'users/sessions'   

devise_scope :user do
    post 'users/guest_sign_in', to: 'users/sessions#new_guest'


#Add the following
 def new_guest
    user = User.find(1)
    user.update(email: '[email protected]',name: 'Guest user') do |user|
      user.password = SecureRandom.urlsafe_base64
    sign_in user
    redirect_to root_path


#Add the following
  = link_to  users_guest_sign_in_path, method: :post, class:"guest__btn" do
The guests


-Use the sign_in method of devise.

-By using find_by, you can save the trouble of creating guest users in advance.

-Password is randomly created by using SecureRandom.urlsafe_base64. This will prevent the password from being leaked when you upload the source code to GitHub.


The content I introduced is just a way to register guest users. If you want to prevent the account deletion function and password change, you need to set it as a plus to the contents introduced so far.

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