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As of January 2019, JAVA8 update is complete. From now on, it will be necessary to obtain the binary from free open JDk or paid Oracle JDK, but the former cannot be used for commercial purposes. Therefore, basically, after January 2019, should you pay Oracle a license fee for those used for commercial purposes? !! This treatment is where many systems have been developed and cannot be removed. Well, I want to make it a problem in 2019. .. ..

However, there seems to be an escape route. The JAVA8 update has already been provided free of charge by companies other than Oracle and can be implemented after January 2019. In the meantime, the next version is under development, and it seems that the time will come when binaries can be obtained from pages other than Oracle. .. However, it is still unclear whether this will happen by prediction. Conversely, people developing in other languages may have business opportunities! ?? I also have that mouth, so I definitely want to ride it!

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