Connect to Aurora (MySQL) from a Java application


What I want to say in this article is that you can use ** MariaDB Connector / J ** instead of ** MySQL Connector / J ** when connecting to Aurora (MySQL) from a Java application.

What is Connector / J?

You must use the ** JDBC driver ** to connect to MySQL from Java

When connecting to MySQL, use a JDBC driver called ** Connector / J ** Here, the one created by MySQL is called ** MySQL Connector / J **, and the one created by MariaDB derived from MySQL is called ** MariaDB Connector / J **.

Both could be used with Aurora (MySQL), but ...

MariaDB Connector / J should be selected for Aurora (MySQL)

To conclude earlier, ** it supports Aurora failover **, so I chose MariaDB Connector / J.

Apparently, connect to all instances of Writer and Reader, and determine that innodb_read_only is Off = master. After that, it seems to check replica_host_status which is more reliable than the cluster endpoint.

The Official Site has a description of the corresponding version.

Driver Version Java Version
2.X Java 9, Java 8
> 1.6.1 - < 2 Java 9, Java 8, Java 7, Java 6
1.2 - 1.6.1 Java 8, Java 7
1.1 Java 8, java 7, Java 6

I actually tried

For MySQL Connector / J, the connection is 0 screen_capture_11-05.png

In the case of MariaDB Connctor / J, both Writer and Reader are connected. screen_capture_11-05(0).png

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