Extraction of "ruby" double hash * Review


user_data = [
 user: {
        profile: {
            name: 'takeshi'
    user: {
        profile: {
          name: 'tanaka'
    user: {
        profile: {
            name: 'tosiki'

* Contents *

In the above code, the individual data exists in the array as a double hash. __ ** I want to put all the user names in order! !! !! ** __



#each method
Unused patterns

puts user_date[0]["user"]["profile"]["name"]
puts user_date[1]["user"]["profile"]["name"]
puts user_date[2]["user"]["profile"]["name"]


#each method usage pattern

user_date.each do |date|
  puts date [:user][:profile][:name]

When multiple hashes overlap, the value of the name key can be displayed by specifying the key that you want to display consecutively from the first "key" of the hash.


__ I was able to output just the name brilliantly! !! __

  1. If you do not use each method, specify the subscripts one by one and describe the keys consecutively.
  2. I was able to concisely specify keys consecutively using each method
??[email protected] ruby % ruby posi.rb

** Consideration **

It may be because I'm a beginner that it's hard to see if it's the top code description method, but I converted it to the following code description method ...

user_date = [
  { user: { profile:  { name: "takeshi" }}},
  { user: { profile:  { name: "tanaka" }}},
  { user: { profile:  { name: "tosiki" }}}

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