exited with code 1 error resolution with docker-compose up in rails environment

First article posting.

After confirming that the rails app was connected with the url of "localhost: 3000" in the browser with Docker-compose up and leaving it for a day, it was not displayed in the browser even if I tried to connect or updated it.

I deleted the docker container, recreated it, and started it.

Docker-compose down
Docker-compose build
Docker-compose up -d

In the last line

rails_web_1 exited with code 1

So when I look at the container state

docker-compose ps
   Name                  Command               State    Ports
rails_db_1    docker-entrypoint.sh mysqld      Exit 0        
rails_web_1   bundle exec rails s -p 300 ...   Up        

When I was in trouble because State did not become Up, I thought that there was a possibility that I deleted the entire DB, so I created a DB again and tried to upload it.

docker-compose run web bundle exec rake db:create

docker-compose up

Then I was able to display rails in the browser! !! ↓ Server is running

web_1  | Use Ctrl-C to stop


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