[Ruby on Rails] model, controller terminal command


I have summarized the commands of model and controller that I often use. The description of "$" is omitted so that it can be copied and used. Since it is only a memo, the explanation is minimized. We will update as appropriate.



rails g model Post user:references body:string genre:integer

[Delete model and table]

rails destroy Post

[Delete only table]

rails g migration DropPosts

[Table name change]

rails g migration RenamePostsToBooks


[Add column]

rails g migration AddNameToPosts name:string price:integer
When you want to add more Add to migration file add_column :posts, :body, :text
When index is added [Singular] add_index :posts, :body, :unique => true [Multiple] add_index :posts, [:body, :price], :unique => true

[Delete column]

rails g migration RemoveNameFromPosts name:string price:integer

[Data type change]

rails g migration ChangeDataNameToPosts name:text

[Null added]

rails g migration change_column_null :posts, :body, false

[Column name change]

rails g migration RenamePriceColumnToPosts 
Add to migration file rename_column: posts,: price,: renamed column name



rails db:migrate

[Revert to the previous version]

rails db:rollback

[Revert to the previous version]

rails db:rollback STEP=3

[Reset database information]

rails db:reset

[Reset the database and migration and migrate again]

rails db:migrate:reset

[Check migration version]

rails db:migrate:status


[Create] shop is used when the directory is divided.

rails g controller shop::posts new


rails destroy controller shop::posts

Development environment

ruby 2.5.7 Rails OS: macOS Catalina

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