Call a method with a Kotlin callback block from Java

When executing a method with a kotlin callback block from Java code, it was necessary to do the following. In the following cases, on the Java side return Unit.INSTANCE; If there is no compilation error, I was wondering what to do just because I was told that the return type of the ramda expression is inconsistent, so I posted it.


class KotlinClass {

    fun loadItems(itemIds: List<String>,
                  complete: (isSuccess: Boolean, itemList: List<Item>) -> Unit) {
        /*Some processing*/
        complete(true, itemList)

java (caller)

kotlinClass.loadItems(itemIds, (isSuccess, items) -> {
                    /*Some processing*/

                    //Note: Finally, Unit.Must return INSTANCE
                    return Unit.INSTANCE;


In kotlin, even if there is no return value of the method, it is actually treated as omitting the return Unit, and it seems that you have to do return Unit.INSTANCE; in order to maintain compatibility with it in Java.


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