[JAVA] What to do when the changes in the Servlet are not reflected


Using pleiades 2020 all in one eclipse OS is windows10 Browser is Eclipse internal browser and chrome


Cause and remedy

Change the value of reloadable of Tomcat to'true' because the default is'false' Open server.xml in an editor from Eclipse Explorer.


//Around line 156
<Context docBase="TodoServlet" path="/TodoServlet" reloadable="false" source="org.eclipse.jst.jee.server:TodoServlet"/></Host>
// reloadable="true"Change to

After making changes, restarting the server

  1. HTML changes
  2. Page reload

The changes will be reflected properly in the flow of.

Messages on the console

information:This context has been reloaded

Message will be displayed, so if it is displayed, it is successful! !!


In Eclipse, it will be reflected if you select RunServer restart every time, but it is a convenient setting when you want to check quickly with F5.

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