[RUBY] [Error] How to resolve the event that the screen does not transition after editing


I implemented the task edit screen, edited it for confirmation, and pressed the button, but the screen did not change. .. .. .. : confounded:

As a result, it was not "redirect_to": sweat_smile :, but I will keep a memorandum of the process until the error was resolved!

Confirmation method

[Premise] After pressing the registration button on the edit screen, the button could not be pressed. No screen transitions are made. ① Check if the edited data is saved in MySQL → Changed: ok_hand:

(2) If the error screen does not appear, check that the error information is entered in the terminal.


No template found for TasksController#update, rendering head :no_content
Completed 204 No Content in 139ms (ActiveRecord: 3.4ms)

There was: rolling_eyes: It says ** No template **! !!

③ Check the controller → redirect_to is not listed: scream:

Modification place

Before correction


def update
  if @task.valid?
    flash.now[:alert] = 'Please enter the task name'
    render :index



def update
  if @task.valid?
    redirect_to group_tasks_path(@group), notice: 'Task changed'
    flash.now[:alert] = 'Please enter the task name'
    render :index

Please be careful, everyone: bow_tone1:


URL for error 204. https://developer.mozilla.org/ja/docs/Web/HTTP/Status/204

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