Docker command memo

I made a memorandum at work, so for private use It may be wrong because it is a scribble.

○ Image-related operations

Check the list of images

# docker images

Pull image from Docker Hub

# docker pull <Repository>:<tag>

If you want an image of centOs8, the repository is centos, the tag is 8 and "centos: 8".

Creating an image from an existing container

# docker commit <container> <Repository>:<tag>

Delete image

# docker rmi <Repository>:<tag> or <Image ID>

Create an image from Dockerfile


FROM centos:8

RUN dnf update

RUN dnf install -y openssh-server openssh-clients

# docker build -t <Repository>:<tag> <Directory with Dockerfile>

○ Container operation

List of containers

List of running containers
# docker ps
List of all containers
# docker ps -a

Create a container from an image

# docker run -d --name <Container name to create> <Repository>:<tag> 

Personally used options -i Attach to STDIN of container -t Pseudo terminal assignment -d Run the container in the background and display the container ID -p Expose port -e Setting environment variables --name Container name --priviledged Grant extended privileges

# docker run --priviledged -d --name test centos:8 /sbin/init

Start container

# docker exec -it <container> /bin/bash

Start the container with bash

option -i Keep STDIN open even if not attached -t Pseudo terminal assignment

Start / stop container

# docker start <Container name>
#docker stop <Container name>

Delete container

# docker rm <Container name>

It cannot be erased unless the container is stopped. If you want to delete what is running, you can forcibly delete it by adding the "-f" option.

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