Offline real-time how to write F03 ruby and C implementation example

Problem: Implementation links:

It's easy because you only have to normalize the translation.

First of all, ruby

class Array
  def x; self[0]; end
  def y; self[1]; end

def solve( src )
  poss0 ={ |x| (x.ord - ?a.ord).divmod(5) }.sort
  return "-" unless poss0.size==3
  poss ={ |p| [p.x-poss0[0].x, p.y-poss0[0].y] }.join(",")
  case poss
  when "0,0,0,1,0,2"; "B"
  when "0,0,0,1,1,1"; "T"
  when "0,0,1,0,1,1"; "L"
  when "0,0,0,1,1,0"; "R"
  when "0,0,1,0,2,0"; "I"
  when "0,0,1,-1,1,0"; "J"
  else "-"

if $0==__FILE__
  DATA.each do |line|
    num, src, expected = line.split(/\s+/)
    actual = solve( src )
    ok = actual==expected
    p [ ok ? "ok" : "**NG**", num, src, expected, actual ]

0 cba B
1 yam -
2 aaa -

And C


//clang -std=c99 -Wall
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>

int xval( char c ){  return (c-'a') % 5;}
int yval( char c ){  return (c-'a') / 5;}
int min( int a, int b ){  return a<b ? a : b; }

char solve( char const * src )
  int xmin=9;
  int ymin=9;
  for( int i=0 ; i<3 ; ++i ){
    xmin = min(xmin, xval(src[i]));
    ymin = min(ymin, yval(src[i]));
  int bits=0;
  for( int i=0 ; i<3 ; ++i ){
    bits |= 1<<(xval(src[i])-xmin + (yval(src[i])-ymin)*5 );
      return '-';
    case 0x7:   return 'B';
    case 0x23:  return 'R';
    case 0x43 : return 'T';
    case 0x61:  return 'L';
    case 0x62:  return 'J';
    case 0x421: return 'I';

void test( char const * src, char const * expected )
  char actual = solve( src );
  _Bool ok = actual == *expected;
  printf( "%s : %s / %s / %c\n", (ok  ? "ok" : "**NG**"), src, expected, actual );

int main()
  /*0*/ test( "cba", "B" );    
  /*1*/ test( "yam", "-" );    
  /*2*/ test( "aaa", "-" );    
  /*3*/ test( "def", "-" );    
  return 0;

ruby is sorted and the rest is appropriate. Since sort is troublesome in C, the set is represented by bits.

Since I created a function called min, do I need NOMINMAX in visual studio?

Isn't it easy?

Next time is E13 ( I will ask you again. Make it harder than this.

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