[Ruby on Rails] about has_secure_password


I summarized the has_secure_passsword method.

What is has_secure_password

has_secure_password is a method that hash (encrypts) the password.

To use this method, you need to do the following two things. -Add a gem called bcrypt. -Create a column called password_digest in the database.

How to use

Define it in the model file as follows.


class User < ApplicationRecord

Functions that can be used

-You will be able to use two pairs of virtual attributes. (Password and password_confirmation) -The autheticate method can be used.

About two virtual attributes

Password attribute Saved in the database. (Because it is a virtual attribute, it cannot be seen on the table)

-Password_confirmation attribute Password input is confirmed for virtual attributes that are not saved in the database. This attribute is used to automatically add validation if both the password and password_confirmation attributes match.

Supplement In the password_digest attribute, put the hashed value of the value put in the password attribute.

About the autheticate method

The authenticate method is a method to check if the passwords match.

001:0> user = User.find_by(email: "example.com")

002:0> user.password_digest  #Check the hash value of the password. Make sure it is hashed.
=> "$2a$10$YmQTuuDNOszvu5yi7auOC.F4G//FGhyQSWCpghqRWQWITUYlG3XVy"

003:0>user.authenticate("not_the_right_password")  #Enter the wrong password
=> false

004:0>user.authenticate("foobar")  #Enter the correct password
=> #<User id: 1, name: "example_user", email: "[email protected]",
created_at: "2014-07-25 02:58:28", updated_at: "2014-07-25 02:58:28",
password_digest: "$2a$10$YmQTuuDNOszvu5yi7auOC.F4G//FGhyQSWCpghqRWQW...">

005:0>!!user.authenticate("foobar")  #To head"!!To get the logical value by adding "".
=> true

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