Android: How to deal with "Could not determine java version from '10 .0.1'"


When doing ./gradlew in Android development Could not determine java version from '10.0.1'. I encountered the error. I would like to keep a memorandum for beginners.

First, it will be GitHub that I referred to this time. More accurate information is provided, so please refer to it if you like.

GitHub: that I referred to this time

① Upgrade gradle Refer to the above official article,


$ ./gradlew wrapper --gradle-version=4.9 --distribution-type=bin

It seemed that it could be solved by, but in my case, it was the same as the initial error.

スクリーンショット 2018-07-25 16.48.32.png

It became as above and could not be solved.

② Change the version of gradle / wrapper /



Changed as follows

スクリーンショット 2018-07-25 16.53.49.png

Change as above and again


$ ./gradlew wrapper --gradle-version=4.9 --distribution-type=bin

I think that most people will be solved by doing so.

The following is a case that was not solved even above. I changed the version of gradle / wrapper /, In my case I got the following error:


because of exception org.spockframework.util.IncompatibleGroovyVersionException: The Spock compiler plugin cannot execute because Spock 1.0.0-groovy-2.3 is not compatible with Groovy 2.4.12.

I got the error and could not upgrade. I was able to upgrade safely by adjusting build.gradle referring to the above article.

We hope for your reference.

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