How to retrieve the hash value in an array in Ruby

When I touched Ruby for the first time in a long time, I didn't understand it so much that I was surprised, so I looked it up.

In the case of such an unpleasant array and hash combination.


user_data = [
  { user: { profile: { name: 'George', sex: 'man' } } },
  { user: { profile: { name: 'Alice', sex: 'woman' } } },
  { user: { profile: { name: 'Taro', sex: 'man' } } }

In the array, there is a hash called user, there is a hash called profile nested, and there is a value in the key named name ... I don't understand anymore.

Let's take this out.

Take out'George'.

Like this


puts user_data[0][:user][:profile][:name]

Of course, if you take out'Alice', it looks like this


puts user_data[1][:user][:profile][:name]

I just changed the position of the array.

If you want to retrieve the gender in the hash of'Alice'


puts user_data[1][:user][:profile][:sex]

I just changed: name to: sex.

Fetch all: names in the array

Since it is an array, use each to extract one by one.


user_data.each do |values|
  puts values[:user][:profile][:name]

The result will be



When using the dig method

From Ruby 2.3 onwards, dig is a new method that can be used in hash classes.

Try to retrieve'Gorge' with the dig method


puts user_data.dig(0, :user, :profile, :name)

If the hash is contained in an array, just enter the number of data you want in the argument.

Try to retrieve all': name' with the dig method


user_data.each do |values|
  puts values.dig(:user, :profile, :name)

Benefits of using the dig method

It seems to be the difference between returning with an error or nil when the key is not found. If you use dig, it will be returned as nil, so you do not need to take measures against errors. (Until then, he used to use the fetch method, etc.)


user_data = [
  {user: {}},
  {user: {}},
  {user: {}}

#When using dig
user_data.each do |values|
  puts values.dig(:user, :profile, :age)

#If you didn't use dig
user_data.each do |values|
  puts values[:user][:profile][:age]

The result looks like this


% ruby tmp/test.rb
#=> nil

#=> undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError)

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