If you want to change the Java development environment from Eclipse

The languages I use in my recent work are Java and JavaScript, but the development environment is eclipse 3.7 of Windows 7, which feels like "withered technology is the best" or "only a proven environment is accepted" ** Solid It's a development environment.

I'm pretty confident that I'll survive if I brag about the outdatedness of my workplace, but every time I get emptied. I don't want to break through that situation, so this time I thought about renewing the Java / JavaScript development environment to a modern one.

IntelliJ is recommended

I know. It's good for personal use, but not for work. Unfortunately, it's clearly not as proven as Eclipse, so it won't spread in our workplace. Everyone compromises that they have to report to the development environment to the delivery destination, come to inspect the development scene, and if they are dealing with customers who are extremely noisy about quality, they can use Eclipse as usual. If you use the paid version, I think, but the cost-effectiveness proof that it costs ... or another problem will come up.

What about NetBeans?

This is one idea. It's an official IDE, and it can be said to be one of the development environments that emphasizes solidity. I am happy that there are many sample projects prepared by default. However, I was a little wondering why Gradle does not support it by default. Maven and Groovy are supported by default.

How to solve the problem with the latest Eclipse?

Sure, that's enough, but I don't like it when I try to concurrently develop JavaScript. I feel the weight of editing a .js file. Complementation is halfway, and the formatter may not work.

Also, when I developed TypeScript in Eclipse, the completion was really slow and frustrating. Writing TypeScript in Visual Stuido 2015 makes it insanely comfortable to write, so once you know it, you'll never write TypeScript in Eclipse again.

Expected Visual Studio Code in the future

This is what I'm secretly expecting. The reality is that it's a text editor, not an IDE, but the name value of Visual Studio is nice. TypeScript / JavaScript development is perfect, so I think the key is how powerful the Java development environment will be.

I just installed the Java Extension Pack and tried it, but it seems that there is no functional problem. However, I was worried that the screen display was not real-time. It's hard to tell in words, but I wanted to refactor the variable ʻaaatobbb, I typed the last b of bbb and pressed Enter, but the screen still shows ʻaaa It doesn't look like it's changed (the display isn't reflected). However, when I try to close the file, it asks "Do you want to save the changes?", So it seems that it has been updated internally. If you save it here and reopen it, it will be properly refactored to bbb. Perhaps if you start using it in earnest, there will be more points to worry about.

In any case, I don't think VS Code itself will stop growing, so I'd like to expect it in the future.

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