[JAVA] Deploy a war file on Heroku

Hello. This time I will write an article on how to deploy a war file on Heroku. This time, after generating a war file in Eclipse, deploy the war file to Heroku.

Things necessary

You can deploy with three. ① Heroku account ② Developed Java application ③Eclipse


① Create a project on Heroku

"Create new app"-> Enter the app name in App name-> Press "Setting"-> Press "Add Buildpack"-> Select "Java" This time, the app name is "HerokuSampleProject".

スクリーンショット 2020-03-08 9.30.31.png

② Generate a war file with Eclipse

Right-click the project for which you want to generate a war file → click "Export" → click "war file" Then, a pop-up like the image below will be displayed, so after selecting the destination (this time I made it Desktop), press "Finish" スクリーンショット 2020-03-08 9.17.44.png

This time, the war file name is "HerokuSample.war". I'm sorry, the file name is "NewAccountBook_0307" in the image, but please ignore it ... Don't say it's a dumb name. Thank you very much.

③ Confirm that the war file generated this time is directly under Desktop

④ Move to Desktop at the terminal

$ cd Desktop

⑤ Log in to Heroku at the terminal

$ heroku login

⑥ Deploy the war file to Heroku

$ heroku deploy:war --war HerokuSample.war --app HerokuSampleProject;  

⑦ Try to access.

did it! !! !!

that's all. The war file was easy to deploy on Heroku, so I wrote this article.

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