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January 3, 2021 A brief summary of how to create a folder. This is a summary of folder creation with java.nio (NEW I/O 2), which has improved functions from Java 7.

How to create a folder

Use get method of java.niofile.Paths class to specify the path of the folder to be created. If you want to create only one folder, use the createDirectory method of the java.nio.Files class. Use the createDirectories method to create all the folder hierarchies including the parent folder at once.

Sample code

If the file already exists, you will get a FileAlreadyExistsException exception.

try {
    //Create with absolute path
    Path path1 = Paths.get("c:\\Test1");
    //Created including the parent folder
    Path pat<h2><span id="_PathsgetquotcTest2abcquot">= Paths.get("c:\\Test1\\abc");</span></h2>
    //Create with relative path
    Path pat<h3><span id="_PathsgetquotTest1quot">= Paths.get("Test1");</span></h3>
} catch (IOException e) {

How to get the creation date and time of a folder

In java.nio, you can get the creation date and time of the folder. Get by setting creatorTime as an argument with getAttribute method.

Path path = Paths.get("c:\\Test1");
System.out.println(Files.getAttribute(path, "creationTime"));

Execution result



[Introduction to Java] How to create a folder (java.nio.file) Create Directory

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