[RUBY] [Rails] I made a draft function using enum


When I thought about making a draft function, there weren't many articles, so I decided to keep a record.

Development environment

Ruby 2,5.1
Rails 6.0.2

Advance preparation

The following functions are assumed to have been created.

--Post function / details / delete / edit (Post) --Create / Details of User (User)


  belongs_to :user


  has_many :microposts, dependent: :destroy

Add a column to the Post table

First, add a status column to the Post model to make it a boolean type. It is possible to use interger instead of boolean. Enter the following command.

bin/rails g migration AddStatusToPost status:boolean

Edit the migration file.


  def change
    add_column :microposts, :status, :boolean, default: true, null: false

After editing, migrate.

Add enum to Post model.


  enum status: { draft: false, published: true }

Specify the draft of the status column as false and the published of the status column as true.

Get information for each user

Get the id of user with @ user.


  #For draft
  def confirm
    @user = User.find(params[:user_id])
    @microposts = @user.microposts.draft.page(params[:page])

  #For publication
  def show
    @user = User.find(params[:id])
    @microposts = @user.microposts.published.page(params[:page])

Add routing

If you add collection, the URL will not have an id.


resources :users do
  get 'confirm'

View settings

I have extracted only the relevant parts.


//User details screen
= link_to "Post list", @user
= link_to  "favorite", user_likes_path(current_user)
= link_to "Draft list", user_confirm_path(current_user)

//View my post
- if @microposts.present?
  = render "microposts/list", microposts: @microposts
- else
h4 No posts

Please write the draft list according to your preference.


h4 draft list

      th = Micropost.human_attribute_name(:title)
      th = Micropost.human_attribute_name(:content)
      th = Micropost.human_attribute_name(:created_at)
    - @microposts.each do |micropost|
        td = link_to micropost.title, micropost
        td = link_to micropost.content, micropost

The contents of ╩╗icroposts / list` are the same as above.

At the end

If you make a mistake, please make an edit request or comment.


-Now you can save draft and public articles using Rails enum

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