Summary of frequently used Docker commands

#Container list
docker ps -a

#Show only running containers
docker container ls

#Show all containers
docker container ls -a

#Delete container
docker rm <CONTAINER ID>

#Image list
docker images

#Delete image
docker rmi <IMAGE ID>

#Get image
docker pull hoge

#Connect to container
docker run -it hoge bin/sh

#Stop container
docker stop <CONTAINER ID>

#Restart the container
docker restart <CONTAINER ID>

#About Docker Compose
#Run in the background
docker-compose up -d

#Stop service
docker-compose stop

#Start service
docker-compose start

#Stopping and destroying services
docker-compose down

#「--rm "option: automatically deleted when container is stopped
docker run --rm openjdk:9 java --version

#「--workdir option: specify working directory
docker run --rm --mount type=bind,src=/home/hoge/docker,dst=/home/test --workdir /home/test openjdk:9 java Hello

#About the network
#Network list
docker network ls

#Create a network
docker network create hoge

#Join the container to the created network
docker run --name nginx --network=hoge -d nginx

#Check network
docker network inspect hoge

#Delete network
docker network rm hoge

#About Volume
#Volume list
docker volume ls

#Volume details
docker volume inspect <Volume ID>

#Update container and commit to image
docker run -t -i hoge /bin/bash  #Connect to container
gem install json                 #Change container
docker commit -m "Added json gem" -a "Kate Smith" \
<Container ID> <image ID>:tag    #Create an image based on the modified container

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