Java development for beginners to start from 1-Vol.1-eclipse setup

This time I would like to post for beginners who start Java development from scratch.

I will write a Java article someday (for self-study).

** Recommended books for Java beginners **

A refreshing introduction to Java 3rd edition (refreshing series)

Preparation of integrated development environment (IDE)

This time I will use eclipse.

PC used: Windows 10



Please download the latest version from the following page.


Launch the installer

After the download is complete, launch the installer.

Double-click the downloaded exe file to start it.


Select ** Eclipse IDE for Enterprise Java Developers **.

Just press ** INSTALL **.


The Agreement screen will appear, but Accept Now is OK.

After a while, the dialog "Unsigned Content" will appear, so click "Accept".


Press the ** Launch ** button when you're done. eclipse will start.



A screen for specifying the workspace directory will appear, but just launch it.


The Welcome screen will appear, but let's close it by pressing ✖ on the tab.

This completes the preparation for the time being.

From the next time, we will proceed with development in Java.

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