[Java] Get tag information from music files


The tag information (song name, album name, artist name, etc.) of the song file can be easily edited from various media players. Especially in iTunes, it is very convenient to use Gracenote to automatically acquire tag information at the same time as importing from a CD. However, in some cases, the acquired tag information may be __ not your favorite __. To give an example

etc... It is troublesome to edit these songs one by one, so I always wanted to be able to manipulate the tag information from the system. (Although you will also need CDDB that meets the above requirements ...) This time, regarding the processing to get the tag information from the manipulating the tag information from the system, the result of verifying the library called JAudioTaggerwith the combination of theJava language and SpringBoot` is left as a memorandum.

Edit pom.xml

Add the following dependencies to dependencies in pom.xml


Reading tag information

First, check the tag information of the appropriate song imported into iTunes tag_ss.png

Now let's actually read the tag information from the Java code (see below for the code)

AudioFile audioFile = AudioFileIO.read(File object that reads a music file);
Tag tag = audioFile.getTag();


The output result is as follows.

Who will ring the bell?
Who will ring the bell?
Yuki Tsujimura

By the way, FieldKey seems to be able to get something like the following

FieldKey Tag information that can be obtained
TITLE Song name
TITLE_SORT Song name(Read)
ARTIST artist name
ARTIST_SORT artist name(Read)
ALBUM_ARTIST Album artist
ALBUM_ARTIST_SORT Album artist(Read)
ALBUM Album name
ALBUM_SORT Album name(Read)
YEAR Album release year
COMPOSER composer
COMPOSER_SORT composer(Read)

It seems that you can get various other fields (Reference: Mapping table)

in conclusion

This time I verified getting tag information, but next I would like to verify writing tag information. Also, I would like to verify the operation of tag information in languages other than Java` when I have time. Last but not least, with subscriptions becoming mainstream these days, manipulating local music files may be nonsense (laughs).

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