[RUBY] Launch Rails on EC2 (manual deployment)

I have a diary.

We will steadily proceed with preparations for starting Rails on EC2, Start command! I think


master failed to start, check stderr log for details I got an error saying that it failed to start.

What is stderr? When I thought about it, I found it in config / unicorn.rb image.png That part. Is there an error log?

It seems that the contents of the file can be removed by using the less command, so I decided to type it in the terminal. Then image.png I noticed that this blue line appeared many times.

First of all, I looked into the file about what is called credential, but since it was a file I had never touched, I put it off. There seems to be something in access_key and secret_access_key above it. While investigating, it seems that I skipped one step to start, so I typed sudo vim / etc / environment in the terminal, image.png It is easy to solve by adding these two points.

It takes 3 hours to check and try it so far.

If you are worried about not starting Rails on EC2, check the above points and ・ Do you forget to push from local to GiuHub (check until merge) ・ Have you forgotten to reflect from Github to EC2 (git pull origin master)? -Did you find the cause by checking the contents of the error log on the EC2 server side? ・ Is the curriculum as described? ・ Is the database started correctly? -Are the environment variables on the EC2 server set correctly? -Try restarting the EC2 instance It is recommended to check.

Also, I didn't know how to restart the instance at first, so I created a completely different instance. In that case, right-click on the instance you don't need → instance status → end without any problem. It doesn't disappear immediately, but it seems to disappear in about 24 hours.

I hope it helps someone.

master failed to start, check stderr log for details bundler: failed to load command: unicorn_rails Aws::Sigv4::Errors::MissingCredentialsError: Cannot load Rails.config.active_storage.service: missing credentials, provide credentials with one of the following options:

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