[JAVA] Make a list map with LazyMap

Convert the information of prefectures in the DB to a map with a list of names as a value, using category as a key. (I don't know if I write it in Japanese, but in short I want to convert List \ <SampleEntity > to Map \ <String, List \ <String > >)

category name
Hokkaido Hokkaido
Tohoku region Aomori Prefecture
Tohoku region Iwate Prefecture
Tohoku region Miyagi Prefecture
Tohoku region Akita
Tohoku region Yamagata Prefecture
Tohoku region Fukushima Prefecture
Kanto region Ibaraki Prefecture
Kanto region Tochigi Prefecture
Kanto region Gunma Prefecture
Kanto region Saitama
Kanto region Chiba
Kanto region Tokyo
Kanto region Kanagawa Prefecture

If you try to do it normally, it is troublesome because you have to branch between the first time (when the list does not exist) and the second and subsequent times (when the list exists) ...


Map<String, List<String>> map = new HashMap<String, List<String>>();

for (SampleEntity en : entityList) {
    if (!map.containsKey(en.getCategory()) {
        map.put(en.getCategory(), new ArrayList<String>());

With LazyMap, you can write this neatly. The declaration is messy, but the logic is simpler.


Map<String, List<String>> map = MapUtils.lazyMap(new HashMap<String, List<String>>(),
        InstantiateFactory.instantiateFactory(ArrayList.class, null, null));

for (SampleEntity en : entityList) {

/* ===Output result===
 * {Hokkaido=[Hokkaido],
 *Tohoku region=[Aomori Prefecture,Iwate Prefecture,Miyagi Prefecture,Akita,Yamagata Prefecture,Fukushima Prefecture],
 *Kanto region=[Ibaraki Prefecture,Tochigi Prefecture,Gunma Prefecture,Saitama,Chiba,Tokyo,Kanagawa Prefecture]}

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