Display Flash messages in Rails


This is a post to output "Ruby on Rails 5 Quick Learning Practice Guide" in Continued from last time. This time, I will tell you how to display a Flash message when transitioning pages!

table of contents

<!-Edit title and anchor name->

  1. redirect
  2. render
  3. Show message (#Chapter3)
  4. reference

<!-Each chapter-> redirect_to Write redirect_to as follows.

redirect_to pass, notice: "#{name}Registered"

Other than notice, you can also pass alert by default.

redirect_to pass, alert: "Registration failed"

render In the case of render, the description is as follows.

flash.now[:alert] = "Please enter a name."
render :new

Show message

Describe and display as follows in the transition destination template.

- if flash.notice.present?
  = flash.notice

If you expect all Flash to be displayed at the top of the page, it will be refreshing to write this in application.html.slim!


-Ruby on Rails 5 Quick Learning Practice Guide that can be used in the field

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