[Java] enum

This time I had a chance to use enum in java, so I investigated it.

Declaration method

Enums are defined in the same way as classes.

 enum Enum name {

Based on that, I will list the fruits. Then, it becomes as follows.

enum Fruit {
 GRAPE; // Some samples have semicolons behind blocks or not

How to use values

The value of enum can be accessed by enum name.value as well as access to static field.


Of course, it is also possible to create a variable of enum name type and assign it.

Fruit apple = Fruit.APPLE;

methods of enum

enums have various methods. The typical ones are introduced below.

name() Returns the name of the enum value as a string.

System.out.println(Fruit.APLLE.name());  //"APPLE"

original() Returns the number in the order declared by the enum. Since APPLE is the 0th, 0 is returned.

System.out.println(Fruit.APLLE.original());  //0

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