[JAVA] When you want to notify an error somewhere when using graphql-spring-boot in Spring Boot

I couldn't get it with @ RestControllerAdvice, and I wanted a little more detailed information than @ExceptionHandler.


val spring_version=2.2.2.RELEASE


Code example

It seems good to register Map <String, ExecutionStrategy> in the bean.

class GraphQLConfig {
    fun executionStrategies(): Map<String, ExecutionStrategy> {
        val customDataFetcherExceptionHandler = CustomDataFetcherExceptionHandler
        return mapOf(
                "queryExecutionStrategy" to AsyncExecutionStrategy(customDataFetcherExceptionHandler),
                "mutationExecutionStrategy" to AsyncSerialExecutionStrategy(customDataFetcherExceptionHandler)

    class CustomDataFetcherExceptionHandler: SimpleDataFetcherExceptionHandler() {
        override fun onException(handlerParameters: DataFetcherExceptionHandlerParameters): DataFetcherExceptionHandlerResult {
            //Notify me nicely
            //If you want lower level information
            // handlerParameters.dataFetchingEnvironment.getContext<GraphQLServletContext>().It seems that you can get it with httpServletRequest.
            return super.onException(handlerParameters)

I'm still not sure if ʻAsyncExecutionStrategy and ʻAsyncSerialExecutionStrategy are okay, but for now I can skip the error to slack or something.

Please comment if there is a better way.

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