Java array


Even if it is said that you can make it by progressive, repeating, and conditional branching, you can't make it at all! !! (Not related to this post)


** Variables can only contain one value **, but ** arrays can contain multiple values ** together. One column is called ** one-dimensional array **, and two or more columns are called ** multidimensional array **. Each one is called ** element **, and the number is called ** element number **.

Data type[]Array variable name;
Array variable name=new data type[Element count];

String[] banana;
banana = new string[3];

banana[0] = "Cavendish"
banana[1] = "Lakatan"
banana[2] = "GrosMichel"

The above describes the declaration and assignment separately Below is the declaration and assignment at the same time

Data type[]Array variable name= {Element 1,Element 2,...};

String[] banana = {"Cavendish", "Lakatan", "GrosMichel"}

Write [] after the data type (like ** int [], String [] **)

** Element overwrite is array variable name [index number] = "new element" **

Each element can be obtained ** by the array name [index number] **.

String[] banana = {"Cavendish", "Lakatan", "GrosMichel"};

banana[1] = "LadyFinger" //Overwriting elements


//Execution result Lady Finger

Multidimensional array

Excel spreadsheet software

banana 0 1
0 Cavendish Lakatan
1 GrosMichel LadyFinger

Data type[][]Array variable name;
Array variable name=new data type[Element count][Element count];

String[][] banana;
banana = new string[2][2];

banana[0][0] = "Cavendish"
banana[0][1] = "Lakatan"
banana[1][0] = "GrosMichel"
banana[1][1] = "LadyFinger"


//Execution result GrosMichel

This can also be omitted

String[][] banana = {{"Cavendish", "Lakatan"},{"GrosMichel","LadyFinger"}};


//Execution result Cavendish

At the end

I understand that multidimensional arrays are convenient, but I get a flat tire because my head is one-dimensional.

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