From installing Eclipse to executing Java (PHP)

What you can do with this article

--Eclipse can be installed and Java can be executed --Can run PHP (if XAMPP is already installed) ... It's been long, so another article: Allow PHP to be developed in Eclipse --Qiita


URL: ▼ I am not particular about it, so select the latest version image.png

▼ Python and XAMPP are already included, so select Java (Full Edition) this time. There is 1,5GB, so wait patiently. image.png


▼ Unzip after download is complete. It should look like this. Run [eclipse.exe] image.png

▼ The startup screen appears. Wait about 1 minute for the first time to clear the cache image.png

▼ Select a workspace (where you put the actual source etc.) image.png

▼ IDE screen is displayed after selecting workspace image.png

▼ Workspace has only [.metadata] folder image.png

Until Java application execution

▼ Select Create Java Project image.png

▼ Enter the project name and click "Next" (It's okay to complete it, so take a look) image.png

▼ Build settings. "Done" without touching this time image.png

▼ "Creating" What a mess ... It seems to be a new feature of Java 9. For the time being, "create" image.png

▼ Java project completed image.png

▼ Create a file to write the source. Right-click on "Package Explorer" on the left side of the screen → "New" → "File" image.png

▼ Enter the file name and click "Finish" image.png

Actually write the code. It seems that you have to declare the package just by "creating", so declare the [hallowWorld] package. The IDE automatically changes the directory of the actual file.

package hellowWorld;
class hellowWorld{
  public static void main(String[] args){

▼ Save and execute the code. If the source file is active, you can execute it from the "Run" mark at the top of the screen. image.png

▼ Execution result is output to the console and ends image.png

that's all

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