[RUBY] [Japanese localization] i18n rails Easy Japanese localization view display only


Switch only view to Japanese display


■ Improvement of UI ■ Because it is in Japanese, readability is improved and development efficiency is improved.

【Development environment】

■ Mac OS catalina ■ Ruby on Rails ( ■ Virtual Box:6.1 ■ Vagrant: 2.2.7


Application creation


$ rails new japoanese
$ rails g controller homes index
$ cd config/locale
$ touch ja.yml

gemfile.add to

gem 'rails-i18n', '~> 5.1' 


root 'homes#index'


      title: 'Title'

##The writing style changes a little when the model is related. It looks like the following. .. ..

      user: "user"
        name: "name"
        age: "age"

*** The following important **


config.i18n.default_locale = :ja #add to


<h2><%= t '.title'%></h2>
<h2><%= t '.name'%></h2>
<h2><%= t '.text'%></h2>

that's all! !!

[I want to read it together]

■ More detailed articles https://qiita.com/shimadama/items/7e5c3d75c9a9f51abdd5

■ Error message https://qiita.com/tanaka-yu3/items/63b189d3f15653cae263

■ rails method for beginners https://qiita.com/tanaka-yu3/items/89abad875187494bec53

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