[RUBY] Steps to set a favicon in Rails

About this article
I wanted to add a favicon while making my own app, and it was surprisingly easy, so I will post it as a memorandum!

[environment] ・ Ruby 2.6.5 Rails 6.0.0 ・ MacOS

First of all, let's prepare an image for favicon as a preliminary preparation! Preparation is optional, but I personally recommend the following sites because they are easy to make.

・ Let's make a favicon.ico! (Https://ao-system.net/favicon/) ・ Icons8 | Icon free download (https://icons8.jp/icons/set/favicon)

① Set up a favicon.ico file under assets/assets/images


② Describe the following in "app/views/layouts/application.html.erb" to read the favicon

<!--(abridgement) -->

    <%= favicon_link_tag('favicon.ico') %>

<!--(abridgement) -->

③ Restart the local server

$ bundle exec rails s

That's it!

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