[JAVA] If you just want to run your containers in the cloud, Azure Container Instances is easy


It was decided to use Azure for the project I'm doing now, and I was thinking of developing the screen with Java (Springboot) and deploying it in a container. You can deploy containers with AKS and WebApp on Linux, but ACI (Azure Container Instances) can be deployed more easily.

I would like to introduce the flow of deploying to Azure Container Instances using Jib for deploying to the registry.

Solution introduction

Azure Container Registry


Azure Container Instances

Push to ACR using Jib

Add plugin


plugins {
    id 'com.google.cloud.tools.jib' version '1.4.0'

Create an ACR repository and change the image name part. The user name and password should be described in gradle.properties.


jib {
    to {
        image = 'xxxxxx.azurecr.io/web'
        auth {
            username = "${USERNAME}"
            password = "${PASSWORD}"



After that, if you type a command, it will create a container and push it to ACR.

$ gradlew jib

To create only the container, type the following command. (Once the container is created, it is good to check the operation with docker run)

$ gradlew jibDockerBuild

Deploy to Container Instances

After logging in to Azure, just start Cloud Shell and type the following command.

az container create -g TEST-RG \
   --name poc-web \
   --image xxxxx.azurecr.io/web \
   --ip-address public \
   --registry-username xxxxx \
   --registry-password yyyyyyyyy \
   --ports 80 \
   --dns-name-label zzzzzzz \
   --environment-variables SPRING_PROFILES_ACTIVE=development 

Other operations on Container Instances

Get the log

az container logs --resource-group TEST-RG --name poc-web

Attach to log (leads to standard output of container)

az container attach --resource-group TEST-RG --name poc-web

Delete Containr Instances

az container delete -g TEST-RG --name poc-web 


You can monitor using Azure Monitor, but it seems that you can not see the details with CPU, memory, network In / Out. For now, I think it would be like using SideCar to monitor for more metrics.



Anyway, it's Container Instances to easily deploy a container to Azure.

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