[JAVA] How to create a server executable JAR and WAR with Spring gradle

Spring boot executable Jar

Environment: macOS, Spring Tools Right-click on the Package Explorer project name.

Run as ⇨ Run Configuration Right click on Gradle Project. Click the Gradle Tasks tab. Write build in the Gradle Tasks: field.

Specify the root folder of the project in the Working Directory field. Click Run at the bottom right.


Project root / build / libs

The project name.jar is created in.

(Trying below) Upload to server Upload to any of the above folders.


java -jar test.jar  

When executed with, tomcat built in the jar starts up. Control + c to stop the server But in my case, when I ran it, the app started up and seemed to work, and when I accessed the page, there was no response.

Spring Boot Executable War

Change the menu when creating a new project or the place where jar is specified in build.gradle to war. in build.gradle


apply plugin:'war'
war {
        enabled = true
        archiveName 'sample.war'

Add Refresh gradle and open configuration with the same procedure as for jar

Write war in the Gradle Tasks: column. Then in the same way

There is a war file in the project root / build / libs.

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