[Rails] What to do when rails s does not respond or does not stop

This phenomenon happens occasionally, so make a note as a reminder. I hope it helps those who have just started Rails and have fallen into the same situation.


I'm working on an app while launching a local server and checking the operation with chrome ... When I thought it was unstable and waited steadily, I noticed that only the localhost: 3000 tab was stopped. When I try control + c in the terminal, it doesn't respond ... what is this ... I'm afraid to kill it, so what's the matter?

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  1. Check ruby PID
  2. Stop ruby PID

1. Check ruby PID

Use the lsof command to check the processing running on port number 3000. ↓ Result of lsof -i: 3000 (Actually, there is output in the columns after USER)

[email protected] javascript_skillcheck % lsof -i:3000
Google     xxxx 
 localhost:55103->localhost:hbci (ESTABLISHED)
ruby      xxxxx 
localhost:hbci (LISTEN)
ruby      xxxxx 
localhost:hbci (LISTEN)
ruby      xxxxx 
localhost:hbci->localhost:54631 (CLOSE_WAIT)
ruby      xxxxx 
localhost:hbci->localhost:54636 (CLOSE_WAIT)
ruby      xxxxx 
localhost:hbci->localhost:54655 (CLOSE_WAIT)
ruby      xxxxx 
localhost:hbci->localhost:54656 (CLOSE_WAIT)
ruby      xxxxx 
localhost:hbci->localhost:54659 (CLOSE_WAIT)
ruby      xxxxx 
localhost:hbci->localhost:55103 (ESTABLISHED)

The PID of ruby is displayed as xxxxx (enters a number). I want to stop this. The number of lines is because I pressed control + c many times lol

2. Stop ruby PID

Execute the following command.

kill -9 xxxxx


If you look at the "Tab of the terminal running rails s ", you will see killed and it is in standby mode.

zsh: killed

When I launched it again with rails s, the page was displayed in chrome safely. Solution!

Reference article

Rails server process is dropped quickly About PID About localhost: 3000 (Rails server process is dropped quickly ](https://qiita.com/kanuu/items/fd6e33fca6ad6a90d059#comments) )

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