Using Java with AWS Lambda-Eclipse Preparation

Thing you want to do

Implement Java to run on AWS Lambda

Using Java with AWS Lambda Table of Contents

Eclipse Preparation ・ Registration execution (someday) -Implementation-Stop / Start EC2 -Implementation-Check CloudWatch arguments -Implementation Tips --Get Instance Name from Reagion and Instance ID

Eclipse preparation

First, prepare the development environment. AWS Toolkit for Eclipse is prepared, so use it.

If you follow ↑ I should be able to install it from Eclipse → [Help] → [Install New Software], I didn't say yes or no whether it was a network problem.

So, I installed it from "Drag and Drop Install" in ↓.

For the time being, select all features image.png

Agree to the terms and complete image.png

Then, when you reboot, you will be asked to configure your AWS account. image.png

Create an access key by referring to "How to get an access key ID and secret access key" in ↓.

When you enter the created content, ↓ will appear, so press Finish image.png

Then AWS Explore View is displayed, so it is completed image.png

Take a look at the sample source

You can see various AWS projects from the button marked with AWS Explore. image.png

Here, if you select Lambda, a sample package will be created, so you can implement it while referring to this, image.png

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