[JAVA] I tried to check the operation of gRPC server with grpcurl


How can I check the operation of the gRPC server? .. .. Introducing the grpcurl that I arrived at after researching various things. It seems that there are various functions, but only some of them will be introduced.

** Confirmed environment **

gRPC server configuration

Development environment

What is grpcurl

https://github.com/fullstorydev/grpcurl It is a tool that can realize the interaction with the gRPC server like a curl command. When you run the command, the gRPC server response will be returned in json format.

The details are written in the link, so I think you can just read it.

You need to install go.

Preparation (Windows edition)

1. Install Go

** Download-Install ** https://golang.org/dl/ Please download the one that suits your environment from this site. For Windows, you can complete it without any problems by following the installer's instructions.

** Check settings ** For Windows, the following have been added to the environment variables:

** Installation confirmation **

Type go version at the command prompt, and if the version information is displayed, the installation is complete.

> go version

2. Install grpcurl

** Download-Install **

All you have to do is execute the following command.

> go get github.com/fullstorydev/grpcurl
> go install github.com/fullstorydev/grpcurl/cmd/grpcurl

The grpcurl command will be installed in the bin subfolder in the location specified in the $ GOPATH environment variable you checked earlier. By default,% GOPATH% bin is specified for Path, so you should be able to execute it immediately from the command prompt. If you cannot execute it, please check the Path specification.

** Installation confirmation **

If you can execute the following command, grpcurl installation is complete.

> grpcurl -help 

3. Reflection settings

Enable the reflection feature on your gRPC server.

If you are using grpc-spring-boot-starter, just add the following settings to application.yml.


  enable-reflection: true

Note: Not supported by some versions of grpc-spring-boot-starter. (2.3.2 ~)

If you are not using starter, you can follow the steps below. (unconfirmed) https://github.com/grpc/grpc-java/blob/master/documentation/server-reflection-tutorial.md

Now you are ready to go.

TODO preparation (Mac edition)

// coming soon ...

Try using

Start the gRPC server to be checked for operation.

Display service list

> grpcurl -plaintext localhost:6565 list

-plaintext You can check the operation in plain-text mode. If omitted, it can be confirmed by TLS.

localhost:6565 Specifies the host name and port number of the gRPC server.

When executed, the list of services on the server side will be displayed as shown below.

Execution result

> grpcurl -plaintext localhost:6565 list

Display method list

> grpcurl -plaintext localhost:6565 list helloworld.HelloWorldService

helloworld.HelloWorldService Specify the service name after the command to get the service list.

Execution result

> grpcurl -plaintext localhost:6565 list helloworld.HelloWorldService

Service call

> grpcurl -plaintext localhost:6565 helloworld.HelloWorldService/Greeting

helloworld.HelloWorldService/Greeting Specify the service name / method name confirmed in the list.

When executed, the result will be displayed in json format.

Execution result

> grpcurl -plaintext localhost:6565 helloworld.HelloWorldService/Greeting
  "message": "Hello World!"

Service call (with request parameter)

> grpcurl -plaintext -d '{"lang":"Java"}' localhost:6565 helloworld.HelloWorldService/Greeting

You can write the parameters in json format after -d. It was written on the site, but it didn't work because the single quotes got angry: cold_sweat :. Therefore. .. ..

> grpcurl -plaintext -d @ localhost:6565 helloworld.HelloWorldService/Greeting

I tried this because the method that you can enter the parameter with STDIN by specifying'@' after -d was introduced.

> grpcurl -plaintext -d @ localhost:6565 helloworld.HelloWorldService/Greeting
  "lang": "Java"

EOM You can enter with Ctrl + Z on Windows and Ctrl + D on Unix. It is displayed as ^ Z at the Windows command prompt.

When I ran it, the result was excellent. : relaxed:

Execution result

> grpcurl -plaintext -d @ localhost:6565 helloworld.HelloWorldService/Greeting
  "lang": "Java"
  "message": "Hello Java World!"


If you want to output the result to a file, it looks like this.

grpcurl -plaintext localhost:6565 helloworld.HelloWorldService/Greeting > GreetingResult.json


  "message": "Hello World!"


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