[JAVA] Create a Service with an empty model Liferay 7.0 / DXP

Cases that require empty service

Liferay has a mechanism called Service Builder, which hides database access as access to the model, but it is not necessary to create a record in the database, but an empty service is required for the following reasons There is.

  1. Web API required
  2. If you want to combine multiple other services and treat them as one transaction (when a user is registered, create a site at the same time), the user management service and the site management service can be combined in one transaction. Need to handle, etc.)
  3. I want to create a custom service without database access. (Perform calculation processing, perform character string processing, etc.)

At that time, you can create a service that does not create records in the database by the following method. However, the table will be created in the database.

Generation procedure

--As usual, create Liferay Workspace with Liferay IDE / Liferay Developer Studio / Blade tools. See the User Guide (https://dev.liferay.com/develop/tutorials/-/knowledge_base/7-0/creating-a-liferay-workspace-with-liferay-ide) for more information. --Go to $ {liferay_workspace_root} / modules and create a service with Service Builder. Here, as an example, type the command blade create -t service-builder -p com.liferay.test tasks` `` to create a service. --The tasks folder will be created, so open tasks / tasks-service / service.xml -- <entity local-service =" true "name =" Foo "remote-service =" true "uuid =" true "> ``` in the line of `uuid =" true " Change to `ʻuuid =" false "``` and delete all field definitions. The code looks like this


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE service-builder PUBLIC "-//Liferay//DTD Service Builder 7.0.0//EN" "http://www.liferay.com/dtd/liferay-service-builder_7_0_0.dtd">

<service-builder package-path="com.liferay.test">
	<!--<entity data-source="sampleDataSource" local-service="true" name="Foo" remote-service="false" session-factory="sampleSessionFactory" table="foo" tx-manager="sampleTransactionManager uuid="true"">-->
	<entity local-service="true" name="Foo" remote-service="true" uuid="false">

--When you run gradle buildService, the service will be created with an empty model. --After that, just like the service generated by normal Service Builder, write the method in * LocalServiceImpl.java, * ServiceImpl.java and run `` `gradle buildService``` again, and the corresponding interface will be automatic. Will be generated.

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