[RUBY] I want to play with Firestore from Rails

I will post it as a memo.

0. Premise

--rails new completed --Project created with firebase

1. gem installation

gem "google-cloud-firestore"

2. Private key generation

Download the json file from "Settings" → "Generate new private key" Put it in your Rails project

3. Other settings

require "google/cloud/firestore"

firestore = Google::Cloud::Firestore.new(
  #Here is my project ID
  project_id: "my-project" ,
  #Here "2.Specify the path of the json file of "Generate private key"
  credentials: "/path/to/keyfile.json"


4. Get the data above

  1. Data acquisition
test_val = firestore.col("test_col").doc("test_doc").get().data[:test_field]
  1. Data storage

~ Scheduled to be added ~

  1. Data update

~ Scheduled to be added ~

  1. Delete data

~ Scheduled to be added ~

5. Reference

-farebase official document

-StudyPlus Developer Blog

-README.md of the above gem

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