Create UnsafeMutablePointer <UnsafeMutablePointer <Int8>?>! In Swift for C char ** hoge

Set Swift String to UnsafeMutablePointer \ <UnsafeMutablePointer \ ?>!


import Foundation

let options = ["-m" : 2, "-n" : 3]

var args : [String] = []
for (option_name, value) in options {
    args.append(contentsOf: [option_name, value])
var cargs: [UnsafeMutablePointer<Int8>?] = { strdup($0) }
initialize(Int32(args.count), &cargs)
for ptr in cargs { free(ptr) }


void initialize(int argc, char **argv) {


Make C UnsafeMutablePointer \ ? A Swift String


let foo = get_foo()
let result = String(cString: foo!) // TODO:nil should be safe


char* get_foo() {

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