I summarized the types and basics of Java exceptions

Java exception (error)

Exception handling important for writing Java What kind of exceptions exist in Java in order to handle the exception properly? What to do I think it is important to suppress that, so I investigated and summarized Java exceptions again. This article doesn't write any code, only the basics about Java exceptions.

Error type

There are three types of errors. Of these, only run-time errors need to be handled as exceptions.

Syntax error

Runtime error

Logic error

What are the exceptions in the first place?

Then what is exception handling?

Exceptions to check and exceptions to not

Exception type

The exceptions are roughly divided into the following three

  1. Error type: Exception that is unlikely to recover
  2. Exception type: Exception for which recoverable measures should be taken
  3. RutimeException series: Exceptions that should never be dealt with

Of these, the only exceptions to be handled (checked exceptions) are Exception-type exceptions.

Check exception (check exception)

Unchecked exception (unchecked exception)

The site that I used as a reference

http://qiita.com/yuya_presto/items/3b651d6b0cf38f77e933 http://qiita.com/kata/items/bd129ba6113a61126389 http://qiita.com/yuba/items/d41290eca726559cd743


Kiyotaka Nakayama, Daigo Kunimoto (2011/10/7) "Introduction to Java for a refreshing understanding" Impress Japan

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