[JAVA] Create your own Utility with Thymeleaf with Spring Boot


Using YearMonth as a sample, I will summarize how to create your own Utility. Finally, make it available in $ {# yearmonths.format (hogeYm,'yyyy-MM')}.

Supplement (additional note)

Since Thymeleaf does not have a Utility to operate the date and time API by default, YearMonth is used for the sample. However, there seems to be an official additional module (thymeleaf-extras-java8time), and it seems better to use this for the date and time API. Thymeleaf and Date and Time API


Creating the Utility body

The implementation was based on Thymeleaf's Dates.

public final class YearMonths {
    public String format(final YearMonth target, final String pattern) {
        if (target == null) {
            return null;
        try {
            // org.thymeleaf.util.Use Validate
            Validate.notEmpty(pattern, "Pattern cannot be null or empty");
            return target.format(DateTimeFormatter.ofPattern(pattern));
        } catch (final Exception e) {
            throw new TemplateProcessingException(
                    "Error formatting date with format pattern \"" + pattern + "\"", e);

Create your own Dialect

Create a Dialect to manage the date and time Utility

public class YearMonthDialect implements IExpressionObjectDialect {
    //The name you want to use in Thymeleaf
    private static final String YEAR_MONTH_EXPRESSION_NAME = "yearmonths";

    //Name management Set
    private static final Set<String> ALL_EXPRESSION_NAMES = new HashSet<String>(){

    public IExpressionObjectFactory getExpressionObjectFactory() {
        return new IExpressionObjectFactory() {
            public Set<String> getAllExpressionObjectNames() {
                return ALL_EXPRESSION_NAMES;

            public Object buildObject(IExpressionContext context, String expressionObjectName) {
                //Associate the name with the instance of your own Utility
                    return new YearMonths();
                return null;

            public boolean isCacheable(String expressionObjectName) {
                //Implemented as needed
                return false;

    public String getName() {
        return "YearMonth";

Registration to DI container

Dialect must be registered in the DI container to be available in SpringBoot. I will write an example of creating and registering a dedicated Configuration.

public class ThymeleafConfiguration {
    public DateTimeDialect DateTimeDialect() {
        return new DateTimeDialect();

Call in template

You will be able to call it as follows.



  1. Create a Utility
  2. Create a Dialect to manage the Utility
  3. Register Dialect in DI container


-Try Thymeleaf 3.0 Part 3 Make a utility -Create a Utility Object (original View Helper in Rails) with thymeleaf

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