I tried using Java REPL

The following steps were roughly required to run the Java code.

--Install JDK --Write code in an editor --Compile with the Javac command --Execute if there is no error

It's like that. An IDE like eclipse is fine, but it takes a long time to download and install.

It's quite annoying when you say "I just want to try this code !!!".

This is useful thereJava REPL!

If you fly with a link, you will go to a page like the one below キャプチャ.JPG Yes! All you have to do is type in the Java code. By the way, the Java version used is 1.8.0_111.

キャプチャ.JPG I tried to display the characters. By the way, after typing Sys, predictive conversion is done with the Tab key.

キャプチャ.JPG I tried using map, but there seemed to be no problem.

I often use the Java REPL while studying Java SE8 Gold. Please try it out!

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